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Amenokam Oracle Temple and

Spiritual Healing  & Chromotherapy Group




Our Philosophy:


Planet Earth is a school for beings who belong to different kinds and come here to evolve in order to understand themselves and the universe we live in.

We call this awakening and conscience development: “spiritual evolution or evolution” of the essence of whom we really are.

The human being is a container selected by the conscience while stays here (in every person’s life) exercising this learning process.

According to this point of wiew, the body becomes a tool ofthemind, consciously or unconsciously, controlled by the spirit that this body houses.

To start with, we believe that we are spirits, but transitorily incarnated. The condition of the spirit is eternal, but the condition of the human being is transitory.

The greatest learning to be achieved is what we define, as common sense, “love”. But the so-called “universal love” is very difficult to be learned and understood in words, it’s an experimental or experiential act only to the individual.

The “universal love” is such a powerful creative force that the Creator made life for this love.

On Earth, we are still far from understanding what it is and the power of that love.

Our consciousness does not reach anything beyond earthly love, which is not far even closer to the true love that brings us closer to God.  

A “sick” spirit is a spirit that is far from this love. A “sick” spirit is a spirit still attached to material addictions and material callings, and also things of the physical world, especially one who does not see the transcendental issues of the spirit. However, we are in constant struggle against our own ignorance and seeking in the long and painful sacrifice find the learning of the universal love, or the love which emanates from God.


Our Mission:

We are not alone in this world. The Creator has determined us, like individual cells, to grow, to improve and never forget the rest of the corpus humanum, who are our brothers and sisters, who live along with us in this blessed School.

To cure diseases is also to heal the spirit using the power of the Creator through His heavenly hierarchies, who are our spiritual mentors.

This has been done free of charge for over 25 years by a group of ordinary people who are dedicated to the cause of helping sick people (body and soul).

Powerful forces support us and, depending on each person’s merit, according to divine criteria of choice, we act in order to unite Heavens and Earth, encourage and heal those who come to us.

Nothing is charged because the gift the Lord gave us, free of charge, must be shared.

There are spiritual surgeries, in which there are no cuts, no bleeding, but they happen in the etheric body of the needy ones. There is interaction between the organic, orthodox, allopathic and homeopathic medicine, e.g. the use of herbs. But the main focus is the use of powerful forces that are sent from other dimensions by the goodness of God, through the mediumship of the members,  in rituals of love and faith.

If you are in need or need assistance, feel free to come get it. It may be the divine light showing you the path of hope and awakening of your faith and new knowledge, according to your mission on Earth offers you, even though your physical memory is not sure about it.


Our Values:

Love God above all things and your neighbor as yourselves.



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